Sustainability is very important at City Hotel Bergen op Zoom, without the guests compromising on comfort and quality. With doing this, we go a step further than laws and regulations require. For example, we always use energy and water sparingly; we use solar panels, low-energy light bulbs, light sensors and timers for air conditioning and heating.

We wash with environmental friendly cleaning products and we have two charging stations for electric cars. We do everything for your comfort, but also think about nature and the environment.

As a result of our efforts in the field of sustainability, we were awarded a Green Key certification, the international certification for sustainable businesses in the leisure and business market. Moreover, in 2004 and 2013 we were awarded the title Benelux Tulip Inn of the year. A recognition for our way of working and that our team is doing a good job. And of course this is an encouragement to continue in this way and to provide you the best possible stay in our hotel!

MVO-VERKLARING City Hotel Bergen op Zoom

If you would like to learn more about these standards, you can find more background information here.