Public health is central at City Hotel Inn Bergen op Zoom, without the guests compromising on comfort and quality. In doing so, we go a step further than required by law and regulations.

Our efforts in the field of hygiene allowed us to receive an NSF label, the international quality label to implement appropriate measures to minimize the risk of COVID-19 among employees, visitors and guests. City Hotel Bergen op Zoom meets the requirements below, which have been developed by public health experts.

Phase 1 – Plan Development and Review

  • The organisation’s reopening plan has been created or vetted by NSF.
  • The reopening plan complies with guidance from the U.S. CDC, WHO or an appropriate national public health authority.
  • A staff leader has been designated and trained in the reopening plan and COVID-19 awareness by NSF or another suitable organisation.
  • COVID-19 control plans are in place to address high-touch surfaces, PPE usage, physical distancing, facility systems, employee screening and other risk areas.

Phase 2 – Implement and Operationalise Plan

  • NSF has documented that all aspects of the reopening plan have been implemented.
  • Front line staff has been trained on daily operational checklists and company-specific COVID-19 safety protocols.
  • Individual locations displaying Checked by NSF™ signage meet or exceed local and/or state public health requirements for COVID-19.

Phase 3 – Stay Open and Continuous Improvement

  • The organisation’s operational safety checks are conducted and documented using the Checked by NSF™ app or manually.
  • The organisation continues to monitor, manage and improve its systems and practices.
  • Program compliance checks are performed by NSF at least every 90 days using the Checked by NSF™ app, remote verification or on-site visits.
  • Any facility found to be out of compliance with Checked by NSF™ requirements will be given 30 days to correct all deficiencies or will be removed from the program.

If you want to learn more about these standards, you can find more background information here.