In the following regulations you will find the most important house rules that apply at Tulip Inn Bergen op Zoom. We ask you to respect and accept these rules.

Extra house rules during the corona period

In our hotel and restaurant, strict measures apply to ensure a safe and hospitable stay for you, our other guests and our employees. For this reason, we request that you observe the following rules:

  • The hotel has a strict hygiene and safety policy. These can be found on our website under “corona” and are indicated at various places in the hotel. You will adhere to this policy and will also follow employee instructions in this area. In particular, you will keep 1.5 meters away from other guests and staff at all times; if you have a cold, such as a cold, runny nose, sneezing, sore throat, light cough, increase from 38 degrees Celsius, stay at home or – if the complaints occur during your stay / visit – leave the hotel; stay at home if a housemate has or has had a cold and a fever, as a result of which you are forced to remain in quarantine according to government measures; follow the arrows routes as indicated in the hotel; follow the other measures as stated on the above website and indicated in the hotel.
  • Wearing a face mask is mandatory in the hotel, with the exception of your hotel room and when sitting at a table.
  • If a guest does not comply with (one of) the measures or does not follow an instruction from the staff in the field of hygiene, safety and routing, the hotel is entitled to order you to leave the property and / or to deny you access. deny.

General rules

  • All directions from employees of this hotel, which are related to house rules, must be followed. You can report complaints to the management.
  • Stay calm in the event of a fire. Report fire at the reception and / or store the nearest fire alarm.
  • In the event of a general fire alarm, leave the building directly.
  • Never use the elevators in case of fire.
  • A valid ID will be required upon check-in. Check-in is possible from the age of 21. Minors must always be accompanied by a parent / guardian (min. age of 25).
  • There are cameras in various places within the hotel, everyone who is in our hotel agrees to make recordings. In case of calamities and / or incidents, these recordings can be shown as supporting material to the authorities.
  • You must hand in lost items at the reception.
  • Tulip Inn Bergen op Zoom is not responsible for the loss or theft of your belongings.
  • The management, the owner of this location and / or persons working for the hotel, can’t be held liable for any injuries and / or material or immaterial damage that visitors of the site might experience.
  • A deposit of € 150.00 applies for the use of a suite. Ask our reception for the conditions.

It is forbidden to

  • Emergency exits can be used as normal entrances and exits
  • Take property of the hotel outside the building. In the willful damage of property of Tulip Inn Bergen op Zoom one can be held liable for the repair and / or renewal costs.
  • To consume, use, trade in or carry narcotic drugs.
  • Use laughing gas or bring laughing gas during your visit at our hotel. We will confiscate any laughing gas bottles and cartridges that you have received and you will not receive them back.
  • To cause nuisance for another person, for example, through loud music, bad behavior or noise of any kind.
  • With more than the permitted number of people to stay in the room.
  • Paid reception of guests in the room for sexual activities.
  • To smoke in the room. If we find that there is still smoking in the room we are forced to charge € 150.00 cleaning costs. If the fire alarm is triggered by smoking in the room, the call-out costs of the fire brigade of € 275.00 will be charged to you.
  • Bring pets to our buffetrestaurant.
  • Bring pets with a withers height of over 40 cm. to the public areas of the hotel, or the specifically selected hotel rooms.
  • to distribute confetti in your hotel room, when we find this we charge a € 25.00 cleaning fee.
  • leaving your room dirty, more than is reasonable. In normal use there are at most some chips, crumbs, a piece of paper on the floor. We charge a cleaning fee of € 25.00 for all situations that exceed normal use.

In all cases not provided for in these regulations, the management of Tulip Inn Bergen op Zoom decides.